Goaty Goodness

As well as being completely delicious, Mr Goaty Gelato has excellent health benefits.

Mr Goaty Gelato is a premium artisan gelato made with fresh goat's milk from West Gippsland, Victoria. The first and only goat's milk gelato available in Australia, we use only the best milk from prize-winning, grass-fed goats.

With a variety of seasonal flavours, the quality and freshness of the ingredients come through in every scoop of Mr Goaty.

“The fact that it’s goat’s milk is important to some people because they prefer it. But for most people it’s a beautiful, light yet creamy gelato that just happens to be made from goat’s milk.” Mr Goaty

In other words, goat's milk gelato does not taste like goat's cheese. It tastes like the best gelato you'll ever taste. 

Goat facts

🐐 Goat’s milk is naturally A2 and low in lactose, therefore easily digestible and can be suitable for those with sensitive tummies or lactose intolerance.

🐐 Goat’s milk is lower in fat than cow’s milk, yet as rich in protein, calcium and essential amino acids.

🐐 Not to mention that goats are better for the planet, consuming less food and land than cows.

Also Gandhi preferred goats.

🐂 That being said, we also make a delicious creamy non-goat cow's milk gelato  - for those with more traditional tastes.

Why gelato?

Gelato vs ice cream is one of life's great questions, like coffee vs tea or puppies vs kittens.

The difference? As the name suggests, ice cream contains cream, usually from cows. Most ice cream contains 10%-20% butter fat, making it relatively high in fat.

Gelato, traditionally made with milk only, has a lower percentage of fat. Because of this, flavours are also more intense with gelato.

Lastly, gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, so its texture stays silky and soft.