Where it all began...

Mr Goaty Gelato began with a love of goats.

  • Founded by former Three Blue Ducks chef, Dan Hughes, inspiration for Mr Goaty came from his childhood in rural England and Greece, surrounded by goats and their delicious fresh milk and cheese. Then after several years working in Michelin star restaurants across Europe and as a private chef in Monaco and London, Dan arrived in Sydney ready to surf and make gelato.

    The first batches of Mr Goaty Gelato were churned in Dan’s kitchen at Bronte Beach. In between working long nights as a chef and running around after his young daughter, Dan perfected Mr Goaty’s signature flavours, testing them out on family and friends (they didn’t mind).

    A few months on, in the midst of a Sydney “winter”, the first scoops of Mr Goaty Gelato were sold at Bondi Markets.

    In 2016 seeking greener pastures and less crowded surf breaks Mr Goaty moved to the Central Coast and has never looked back. Mr Goaty Gelato is now a proud "coastie" product, churned at Distillery Botanica in Erina and made with locally-sourced ingredients. With the Distillery's amazing "fragrant garden" at our disposal, many of the flowers, fruits and herbs that go into our gelato are plucked straight from the garden.

    Thanks to a tremendous response from customers, Mr Goaty Gelato now has a herd of goats and gelato scoopers behind it.

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